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That's my grandpa holding a candle at his first communion. It would be hard to find an image that better reflects this business.

The history of scented candles is religious in nature. The fragrances were designed to be ritual reminders of who we are and the meaning we hope to make of our lives. I would argue that our modern-day candle practices aren't too far removed from those beginnings! We light candles to warm our home, prepare for company, relax and unwind, get rid of stale energy—a number of reasons beyond simply smelling nice. Because scent is most closely linked with memory, candles even have the power to transport us.

All that considered, it's my personal belief that the candle should be the centerpiece for an entire atmosphere. That's why I create playlists and share musings on the books I read. My hope is that when you purchase a
candle, you feel like you're truly getting the fullness of the experience.

I also studied theology and read tons of psychology for fun, so maybe I'm reading too much into all of this and you just want a block of wax that smells delicious. Ha! In any case, I'm so glad you're here. Welcome to East York Street—named for the street where my grandparents lived and where I experienced some of my fondest memories.


Cheers to them, and cheers to you!

The candle maker's grandpa when he was a child at his First Communion. He is holding a candle, a rosary, and is wearing a suit from the early 20th century sewn by his mother.
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