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12oz | handmade | soy wax | toxin-free | 75+ hours

Designed to be the natural counterpart to The Monastery candle, The Gathering Table is meant for kinship. It’s important to light a candle for our own rituals of self-care and solitude, and it’s also important to light candles for the guests and loved ones who encircle the tables of our home.

I wanted this candle to be both warm and bright, reflecting the atmosphere I adore when people gather for a meal—the flicker of a candle catching the twinkling of eyes around the table, wine-stained tablecloths, people relaxed back in their chairs, dirty plates and silverware remaining on the table as a symbol of people enjoying each other so much that the dishes can wait. This is a candle for that after-dinner time when people are content to simply sit and be—together, joyfully.

All that said, the notes of this candle are teakwood, black pine, basil, honey, tonka (similar to vanilla), and caraway seed. Cheers!


To come full circle, this candle is actually poured in a drinking class (as is The Monastery). Please do reuse it! Simply freeze the remnants of the candle, use a butter knife to break apart the frozen wax, then wash! Voilà!you have a classic, timeless, hefty, high-quality drinking glass.