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4oz | handmade | soy wax | toxin-free | 20+ hours burn time

Top notes || rosemary, oud

Middle notes || carnation, smoke

Base notes || sage, cedar


Heavy drapes, books haphazardly stacked, glasses on the desk, coffee rings on a notebook—the scene could easily belong to the life of Jo March. You quietly appreciate the writings of tormented intellects and romantic poets alike, feeling satiated by a sense of meaning as you sip coffee and turn pages by candlelight.


Carnations were my grandmother's favorite flower, so that note serves as the heart of the final scent in this candle line. This might be the most complex of all the offerings here: a blend of the smoky, floral and earthy in a way that's hard to pin down and yet offers a familiar comfort all the same.


Each scent comes with its own playlist, the QR code to which is included on the warning label of each candle and can be found here.

rosemary + oud