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9oz | handmade | soy wax | toxin-free | 50+ hours burn time

Top notes || tomato leaf + lemon peelMiddle notes || basil, thyme, green leavesBase notes || cherry + tobacco

It’s pasta night at your grandparents’, and the whole house smells like crushed tomatoes and freshly plucked basil. There’s antique lace smoothed out over the table, and a wooden bowl filled with lemons as the centerpiece. Your grandpa is sitting in the garden, and the smoke from his cherry cigar floats through the kitchen window.


My great-grandparents had an abundance of fragrant tomato and basil plants in their yard, and my great grandpa Giuseppe typically had a cigar hanging from the corner of his mouth—that's the inspiration for this candle. Without a single floral note, scent 05 is not your typical garden-scented candle. Like a vegetable garden with a kick of warmth, it's ideal for lighting in your kitchen post-cooking and cleaning.


Each scent comes with its own playlist, the QR code to which is included on the warning label of each candle and can be found here.

tomato + tobacco leaf

  • Once an order is shipped, I'm unable to accept returns. You are more than welcome to cancel your order within the 1-3 days it will take me to ship it out to ya. 

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