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9oz | handmade | soy wax | toxin-free | 50+ hours burn time

Top notes || teakwood, tobacco, peppercorn

Middle notes || amber, jasmine, cedar

Base notes || sandalwood, dark musk


This candle will go over well with those who particularly appreciate a cozy atmosphere. This scent would be a welcome addition to an outdoor table circled with dear ones on a summer evening. While woodsy, musky notes give this candle lots of depth, there's a soft sweetness to it that makes it both grounded and delicated to the nose.


If this candle were a real-life scenario: Imagine you’re sitting in your favorite armchair, and the house is still. You decide to go for an evening walk in your neighborhood, and the quiet presence of street lamps mingles with the sounds of your neighborhood at dusk—people chatting on porches, kids squeezing in their last round of play before the sun goes down, cars passing by. The solitude is generative, and the atmosphere is warm.


Each scent comes with its own playlist, the QR code to which is included on the warning label of each candle and can be found here.

teakwood + peppercorn

  • Once an order is shipped, I'm unable to accept returns. You are more than welcome to cancel your order within the 1-3 days it will take me to ship it out to ya. 

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