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4oz | handmade | soy wax | toxin-free | 20+ hours burn time
Top notes || blood orange, bergamot, grapefruit
Middle notes || evergreen, cedar, fir, moss
Base notes || ginger + saffron


Among the best sellers, this scent is a go-to for eradicating stale energy and uplifting the overall mood of a space. Its citrus notes lend to warmer months while the evergreen notes gel with the colder times of year, making this candle one that works particularly well year-round.


If this candle were a real-life scenario: Imagine it’s Sunday morning, and the house needs cleaned up. You fill your morning cup, you play music that puts a pep in your step, and you summon the desire to tidy up. The shuffling of papers into a junk drawer, the whirring of the sweeper, the wiping away of dust. Then comes the putting-away of this weeks farmer’s market produce, the cutting of fresh flowers and arranging them in a serving pitcher that once belonged to your grandmother.


Each scent comes with its own playlist, the QR code to which is included on the warning label of each candle and can be found here.

blood orange + saffron