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4oz | handmade | soy wax | toxin-free | 20+ hours burn time

Top notes || oakmoss, amber

Middle notes || vetiver, dark musk, cedar

Base notes || rosemary, sage


This scent skews more androgynous, and you'll notice that the hot throw of the candle fills a room more than the cold throw might suggest. Earthy and herbaceous, this is a particularly grounded scent with lots of depth—though not overpowering.


If this candle were a real-life scenario: imagine that you find a seat on a bench tucked inside a public garden where the heat of the sun draws out the scent of the stones beneath your feet. You slide a book from your worn tote bag, quietly taking in the bustle of a lively park on a weekend afternoon. Maybe you journal, maybe you read—whatever you do, it's slow and beneath the hospitable shade of a wise, old tree.


Each scent comes with its own playlist, the QR code to which is included on the warning label of each candle and can be found here.

oakmoss + sage