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While each candle has its own playlist, you'll also find additional playlists curated to help set a particular atmosphere you're looking to create. Whether you're lighting a candle to bask in your own solitude or for a gathering of loved ones, hopefully there's something here for everyone!

playlists by candle

scent 01: oakmoss + sage

scent 05: tomato + tobacco leaf

scent 02: blood orange + saffron

scent 04: lavender + eucalyptus

scent 03: teakwood + peppercorn

scent 06: rosemary + oud

playlists by atmosphere

for any context and any crowd

1960s grit and fun

devastatingly soulful

joyful soul

new wave and alternative

charming jazz

crooners in solitude

smooth and dreamy italian

sultry lady crooners

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